Passionate journey begins!!!

Digital is pervasive and impacts the whole humanity. We have embarked up on a journey of transforming lives through digitization. Partner with us to bring a change in your industry

Digital Re-imagination!!

We focus on digitizing 3 dimensions of your business. Digitization of Business processes, Branding and Product Selling are the core foundation from where you can embark on the digital journey. With this, you can adopt any new age technologies to stay competent in the dynamic market

Enterprise Solution

We have a powerful enterprise consultancy division with expert consultants who have delivery exposure to international customers and diverse industries.


New generation shopping is undergoing a paradigm shift in this era of advanced technology. Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Robots are all forming key part of store experience. Join us to know the trends

Digital Branding

Here we dabble in branding, copywriting, web design & development, SEO, online promotions, motion graphics, etc. With us, all your creative woes are solved with expertise, creativity & fun!

Disruptive Ideas

Business Cognizance – A platform where all lateset concepts and ideas in technology field are incubated. Here are we explore all Big data things for processing your terrabites of information and bring out meaningful insight about your business, iOT for connected devices which lead to artificial intelligence, block chain which is the new digital transaction paradigm including bitcoins and more

Enterprise Solution Experts

We have been selling business softwares since 2009. Since then we have strived hard to solve business problems with our comprehensive and robust software solutions. We serve diverse industries like manufacturing & production, trading, professional services and more.

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Our creative face

Young energetic and dynamic thinking minds joined together to create visuals that excites you. Be it your company logo, store theme, profile, banners, or any other digital content, we are expert in bringing out aesthetically appealing digital contents.

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New shopping experience!!

Shoppers are the key business drivers these days. Business would want to know the shopping trends in order to better position its product line according to it. We are experts in retail &ecommerce with omni channel experience.

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Disruptive Ideas

A platform where all kind of disruptive technologies and concepts are tried out. Result of this is, a plethora of innovotive tools and platform for businesses to explore technology for their betterment. Explore countless apps and utilities to bring out meaningful information about your business or your day to day work.

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    The Cognizant App

    A Tool that is available freely for diverse businesses which encompasses efficient business management utilities, data analytics window, customer interaction portal, workforce collaboration tools and much more.

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