Colormean Creative Studio

We have aggregated creative people to deliver exciting user experience and promoting branding of our customers

Variety of skills

All your creative works can be availed from a single vendor which gives you a lot of relaxation. One company doing all your branding works. That is really amazing.

  • Graphic Designer
  • Web Designer
  • UX Expert
  • Motion Graphic Artists
  • Content Writers
  • Foto Editors
  • Logo creators
  • Social Media Promoters

Our Services

New generation shopping is undergoing a paradigm shift in this era of advanced technology. Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Robots are all forming key part of store experience. Join us to know the trends.

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In design industry, there is a huge dearth of skilled labours. We endeavor to fill that gap.

Skilled artists are always scarce and creating a pool of such resources is an endeavour of years of effort. Content creation is at the pinnacle and every organization need quality contents to demonstrate various aspects of its business in multiple channels of communication. To meet this growing industry we streamlined multiple areas of excellence such as branding, copywriting, web design & development, SEO, online promotions, motion graphics, to name a few. With our expertise, all of the creative need of a company are catered from a single vendor!

Fast Selling Services

With our vast exposure in delivering design artifacts to diverse industries and business sectors, we can build UX to suite to your use cases. Partner with us

ERP solution UX design

UX design for ERP is one among the complex task we undertake. To come up with a UX, the expert has to have a deep learning on the use case of ERP page, be it customer page, sale order UX design, Invoicing UX design or Payemnts UX design.

  • CRM UX Design.
  • Accounts UX Design.
  • Reports UX Design.
  • Dashboard UX Design.
Sample Dashboard UX

Website Design

We specializes in industry wise web designing viz web design for interior decoration, web design for auto accessories and automotives


Responsive web design.

Product showcasing websites.

Sample Web UX Sample Ecommerce UX Design

Android & iOS Wire Frames

Prototyping of apps is a key area where many solution providers lacks expertise. With a good prototype delivered upfront, end customer can visualize how their app looks like and how the operations move on in mobile application. We use Adobe XD for creating the wireframes and story board suited for iOS Swift and Android

Mobile App Wireframe Sample1 Mobile App Wireframe Sample2 Mobile App Wireframe in Adobe XD

We collect clients too

Our skilled designers have much acceptance in global market. Our works are published in international design forums

Trends in the design world

Here you will get a glance of what is going on in the design industry

  • Most Essential Elements For A Better UX Design

    Some believes that omni channel is more of a buzz word than reality. But there is a paradigm shift in the way how new generation shops. Online working in conjuntion with in-store perhaps can make up for Size & Fit and Touch & Feel problem. We at e-tailer souq strive hard to bridge this gap and increase the shoppers penetration through all of the channels available.

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