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With our vast exposure in delivering ecommerce solution to diverse industries and business sectors, we can build ecommerce store for selling your products online. Partner with us

Building Online Stores for a variety of Industries

New generation shopping is undergoing a paradigm shift in this era of advanced technology. Artificial intelligence, Analytics, Robotics are all forming key part of store experience.

Retail business is disrupted with the entry of new era technology and platforms. So for every business be it whole foods, accessories, apparels and clothing or any other retail business, it is imperative to adopt the latest trends into your store.

We are researching extensively in retail industry and are exclusive service providers in ecommerce industry. Below are few industries we worked on. Join us to better position your business.


Auto parts and accessories ecommerce site are booming up now. It was painful earlier for a customer to search for missing parts or new accessories. Auto vendors are coming up with their on accessories portal to solve this problem.
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Food & Beverages

Online grocery stores are popping up every nook and corner now. This acts as a virtual store for customers who are very busy in day to day life. They can order the grocery items on the go and pickup at the nearest store. Click & collect business model perfectly match with hyper market business.
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Interiors & Exteriors

Showcasing the past work is important for Interiors and Exteriors company. Along with this, unique products are also showcased for attractig prospective customers. See how.
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IT & Security

Selling IT products are at huge risk now. Any time technology can change and the large stocks become obsolete at any point in time. In this context opening IT hardwares and accessories online store gives you a leverage to source the product against order.
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Consumer Electronics & Durables

For a branded Electronics or Consumer Durables, it does not necessarily need a physical product to be show cased infront of a potential buyer. The quality and finishing is well understood. With the entry of virtual & augmentedreality a store can be hosted without any physical products. Come, Let's build the future store.
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Cutlery & Kitchen Utensils

Showcasing fragile products is difficult and at the same time customer would want to see the nook and corner of the product. Creatin an online showcasing platform is a way to sort this out. Connect us how you can build a showcasing platform.
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Our Services

Branding is the step one!

Building store brand is one of the primary thing to be done when entering into an ecommerce venture. We have expert panel for creating branding objects like logo, store name, store theme etc. Our ecommerce architect will guide you through the store building process to come out with an innovative online store.

One cannot build a panel of digital artists through normal recruitment. It is built up over years of effort. Now we have lined up a batallian of creative digital artists under Etailer Souq. Amal T, Operations Head, Etailer Souq

Our ecommerce experts work in tandem with digital artists and create the whole bunch of digital artworks to start building your store. We are equipped with a fully dedicated design team who will give you tips about the design nuances of the website making it more presentable as well as smarter looking. We also have setup experts who will help you arrange the websites and other accompaniments for an easy job.

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Come on!! Now you can visualize your online store in days.

Our ecommerce division is equipped expert consultants who have store development experience for a plethora of ecommerce store across UAE and GCC countries.

Shoppers are the key business drivers these days. Business would want to create a better shopping experience for the customers who are very dynamic and aggressive. Our services are aligned with the latest retail and ecommerce trends to help you to reach out your customers in the way they want

Below services are all delivered from the same etailer souq foundation

  • Omni channel store development which is an integration of online store with the physical instore.
  • Ecommerce mobile application development is done in conjunction with the online portal
  • Beacon integrations for better instore shopping experience.

Online store administration is really a hazzle

Do not worry. With our outsourcing support, all of the online store administrational activities can be offloaded to a cheaper workforce and at the same time who are experts in doing it. You can upload images, create the entire product list and so forth and so on.

Yes we have photo shooter too!!

Taking beautiful snaps of your key products is very important when you show case them in your online store. We have photoshooters lined up to take the snaps who can come at your premises.

Our services spans across heterogenous skilled labours. Ecommerce photo shooting this is one among the prominent services we offer to the ecommerce world. Akhil P, Graphic Designer Alrais Labs

Our key competencies includes the below

  • Creative photographer at your premises to securely take snapshot of your ecommerce products.
  • All images are carefully edited to suit to the online store
  • Product are sorted category wise and shared to the catalog management team for uploading

Marketing is a prominent area

Pain is not to start the ecommerce portal. To attract audience to the ecommerce store is a painstaking effort. On the one hand SEO optimization of ecommerce store is absolute necessity to easily reach your targeted audience and on the other hand, SMO activities are indespensible to promote your offers and deals.

New age Technology Innovations

Here you try out all new trends and platforms to give high experience to the customers and this is where the actual ecommerce life begins.

  • Is Omni channel store a must for millennials!

    Some believes that omni channel is more of a buzz word than reality. But there is a paradigm shift in the way how new generation shops. Online working in conjuntion with in-store perhaps can make up for Size & Fit and Touch & Feel problem. We at e-tailer souq strive hard to bridge this gap and increase the shoppers penetration through all of the channels available.

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  • Have you ever wondered on shoppable social content!

    Social media is influencing shoppers a lot these days. As a store owner, now you can convert the images of social influencers wearing your product to a shoppable experience for its followers. Etailer Souq's ecommerce R&D has come up with an astonishing product which you can easily subscribe and link your social media content with your products. That is Postiko - Shoppable Social Content Expert!!

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  • Beacons to drive your customers to your store!

    When your customer enter your circle, let them know about your service by sending real time, personalised push notifications and tend them to make a visit into your store. You just have to implement a beacon. You may also collect customer data, provide an interactive shopping experience with this advent of technology.

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  • Payments!

    The time of standing in the que to pay your bill has gone. Digital payments can ease your pament procedures and save your time. Mobile wallets, net banking, credit & debit cards etc can kick out the risks of payments.

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  • Shipping Integration!

    Integrate your shipping procedures and provide your customers with positive delivery experience. Fast delivery has now become a competetive necessity to the etailers. Integration of shipping enables customization of shipping to meet your company's business requirement.

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Shoppers are the key business drivers these days. Business would want to know the shopping trends in order to better position its product line according to it.

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