Enterprise consultancy

Intel puts the brake on Moore's Law. Transistor's has shrinked to its maximum. Software has made use of the advancement in underlying hardware, to deliver solutions to complex business problems.

Experience gained from a variety of industry

Our enterprise journey had started way back in 2009. Since then we have been delivering solutions to transform the businesses across industry.

The knowledge has been consolidated to formulate industry specific solutions. Tradelite for Trading industry, ReadyMix Pro for Manufacturing Industry, Kleanz for Laundry are few examples.

Our research are more focused on bringing changes in the way enterprise operates, in this technologically driven world.

Trading Industry

TradeLite can be a perfect solution for any trading company, as it has all the modules required for any business, and all these aspects can be managed centrally in one place. TradeLite comprises of several modules including CRM, Inventory management, accounting and employee management.
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Concrete Ready Mix

In order to manage the processes in ready mix companies effortlessly, the Zesty Labs team has come up with a customized ERP solution called ReadyMix Pro.
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Pest Control & Cleaning

Pesco is an ERP solution powered by Odoo which is customized by the Zesty Labs teams, to cater to the needs of Pest Control and Cleaning Services companies.
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Kleanz is an ERP solution powered by Odoo exclusively designed for laundries. Since there are a lot of processes in a laundry business, streamlining their operations will be a great solution for efficient management of their business.
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Consumer Services

ServiceDesk is a solution powered by Odoo and customized by Zesty Labs teams which helps companies manage their service jobs efficiently. ServiceDesk is a solution that is targeted exclusively for companies in the service industry, as they would like to track their service jobs efficiently and know which jobs are pending and which jobs have been completed and delivered.
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Audit & Accounts

Audit Tracker is a project management tool powered by Odoo, exclusively designed for auditors. Being a simple yet comprehensive solution, Audit Tracker can be used to track the audit process. Using Audit Tracker, organizations can be assured that findings are being resolved on time with clear accountability and commitment.
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Our Services

Embarking upon on Digitization is the stepping stone for growth!

Zesty Labs has around 60 technical and functional consultants working in different locations around the world. With its highly experienced and collaborative team, Zesty Labs provides customization, consulting, training, support and maintenance to partners and customers in over 50 countries. It has live experiences in delivering customized ERP solutions based on this fastest developing Open Source ERP application including in the non traditional, non English European and Latin American markets. Apart from OpenERP solutions company also provides web content management and Infrastructure Services.

Zesty Labs as a social service is also involved in technical activities offering services for students and faculty of various leading engineering and management educational institutions in the country. This strategy is an attempt to fulfill Zesty's knowledge sharing policy, being part of the Open Source community. Lepeesh Parat, Country Head, Zesty Labs

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Improved process is a sign of development

As part of our journey towards digitization, the primary focus is on bringing efficiency in business by enhancing the internal processes. Towards this, we have moulded our enterprise solution to bring in international standards and processes of conducting respective business.

Enterprise is seeing a drift towards Business 4.0 with the advent of new age technology. All processes are agile and rapid these days instead of going through conventional cycles.

Below services are all delivered from the same enterprise platform

  • Automated process which reduces manual intervention
  • End to end connected operations instead of business operating in silos

Real time data analytics is pervasive with the intervention of advanced hardware

Real time analytics is more powerful than the result extracted through series of disconnected batch processes. With powerful hardware - multi core processor and memory, it is now possible to dig deep into huge pile of data with in minutes which other wise took days for processing.

Talking to hardware is now easy with 4th Industrial revolution

Connected hardwares talking smartly through IoT hardwares paved the way for 4th industrial revolution.

Connected hardwares talking smartly through IoT hardwares paved the way for 4th industrial revolution. Lepeesh Parat, Country Head, Enterprise Solutions Division

Our key competencies includes the below

  • IoT for connected operations

Bringing out cognitive information is crucial for your success

The field of business intelligence and data analytics has been growing rapidly, and the requirements for these aspects by companies have also been increasing rapidly. Odoo has a business intelligence model that can be used to monitor different metrics such as percentage of work done, revenue breakup, profit for the current period and outstanding receivables, with the help of customizable dashboard views.

Trends in Enterprise world

Here you try out all new trends and platforms to give high experience to the customers

  • Biometric Integration

    Biometrics is a strong authentication mechanism as it depends on unique characteristics of individuals. Biometric integration can combat identity fraud and security breaches, ensure security of confidential files and can improve user experiences. This trending technology, with fingerprint recognition being the most dominant part has become indispensible element for the survival of organisations. It enables automated calculation of work hours of employees with its time and attendance tracking facility.

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  • Weigh bridge integration

    How big or small the size of your organisation is, weighing goods is the most critical process in the entire supply chain logistics. Integrating weighing bridge software with operational software ERP improves precision as it cut down manual transfer of data to the key people. The critical real time data inputs generated at the weigh bridge can be recorded to the operational software for future use.

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  • POS integration

    A Point-Of-Sale system compatible with the latest technology makes working offline cross multiple devices possible. It can open up capabilities on operator side as well as customer facing side. POS integration reduces the risk and responsibility of moving data manually and thus reduces the proximity of mistakes.

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  • Delivery Tracking

    Delivery tracking system allows users to locate, track and optimize vehicles with high degree of accuracy. It offers complete visibility of your entire mobile work force and allows to ensure on time deliveries. This enhanced real time tracking system automatically captures delivery point arrival and departure times. It has a capability to retrace vehicle movements to ensure driver compliance.

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Clients & Portfolio


Shoppers are the key business drivers these days. Business would want to know the shopping trends in order to better position its product line according to it.

Zesty Labs - Enterprise Services Profile

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Tradelite - An effective VAT ERP for Trading Firm

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Readymix Pro - An effective concrete ready mix ERP

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PESCO - An effective pest control services ERP

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Kleanz - Laundry management software

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Service desk software

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Audit management software

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Printing and Ads management Software

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